Data Append

People and business contact information lose their value without regular upkeep. People change jobs, your friends relocate, the slow economy has forced some businesses to close some of their stores or shut down completely.

Think of all the ways contacts are now added to databases: they hand-enter contact information it into their smartphone or tablet and then synch with their CRM software; you type the contact information while speaking to the person on the phone; you cut and paste information from an online chat or email form; or contact information is captured using a Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solutions such as business card scanner or a copier that gathers the information from a direct mail response card.

Improve your data quality using our proprietary Name Matching Technology with the following services:
Phone Append
Reverse Append
Do-Not-Call Indicators
Email Appending
Consumer Demographics
Address Standardization, CASSTM Certificates & NCOALinkTM