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“Really need a better way of getting or confirming area codes. The staff is absolutely outstanding – especially Carrie!”

R. Billings EdD, President, Care Connectors Inc

“We received very good service at a reasonable price. All services were as expected and the turnaround was quick. I like doing business with ILS.”

D. McGilvray, President, Olympia Inc

“ILS has always come through with about 50% of my sample records appended, sometimes turning around files in only a few hours! I know I can rely on ILS for a successful telematch that won’t stretch my timeline or bust my budget.”

L. Kopenhafer, Research Manager, WB&A Market Research

“CareSource has experienced superior customer service with every request submitted to ILS. We have submitted multiple requests, with multiple files within a single request, and all have been processed within a 24 hours/1business day response rate. We receive confirmation of all requests within 3 business hours of submitting the request.”

J. Petry, Team Lead HEDIS Program Management, CareSource

We send ILS lists of licensed professionals (physical therapists, pharmacists, occupational therapists, etc). The constantly provide us with remarkable appending and name matching services. The customer service is first rate and they are more than easy to work with. All in all, the service they provide is excellent and I’m very happy.”

E. Shihadeh, President, Infinity Search Group

“ILS processes files for us twice a week on an automated schedule. Our ability to drive revenue is related to contacting interested customers in a timely fashion. They have done an absolutely fantastic job appending the phone numbers. We’ve been working with them for about 6 years now and we would recommend them to anyone. We trust ILS to append accurate information to our data which allows us to service our clients quickly and efficiently.”

B. Herring, Partner,