Industry Solutions

Call Centers

Telephone centers have trusted our unique matching technology to find accurate phone numbers. The ILS automated program leverages the strengths of the various data elements, resulting in a greater success rate measured both by the number of target records for which a result is returned and by the accuracy or correctness of those results.

Recruiters & Hiring Agencies

ILS has run thousands of state government maintain lists of licensed professionals for phone appending with great success. Rush service is available in the event of a strike, natural disaster, or hiring emergency. In the event the state government distributes the list in paper format only, mail ILS the stack of paper and we’ll convert the records into an electronic file before performing any of our services.

Voter & Constituent Files

The telephone and email are fastest ways to contact voters and conduct surveys especially on election day. If your registered voter, constituent, past contributor, or membership is missing phone numbers or email addresses, email us your file and within one business day we’ll return the processed file whether your file contains only hundreds or as many as millions of records (emergency services are available).

Direct Mail

Intelligent Lookup Services provides residential and commercial mailing lists for direct mailers of all sizes. ILS is an authorized Experian list broker providing premium lists for lifestyles, financial, mortgage, or automotive interests. Radius searches are available for all lists and are most effective for local businesses and services whose core clientele reside within a specific distance from their store. Referrals for reliable and honest mail houses are available.

Financial Communications

Stockholder lists characterized as non-objecting beneficial owners (NOBOs) contain a mix of residential and business addresses and tend to lack standardization for business names, custodial names, and street addresses. The ILS Name Matching technology separates the business & residential name and address elements into usable, standardized fields for importing into a contact manager program or for any of our data append services.

Insurance & Warranty Programs

Acquisitions between insurance companies wreak havoc on contact databases with varying formats. ILS offers Merge/Perge services to remove duplicate entries by company, address or phone number. ILS also offers United States Postal Service CASS certification to verify the accuracy of the five-digit ZIP and ZIP + 4 associated with each record for companies preparing a mass mailing to their members.

Loyalty & Customer Retention

ILS enhances client, membership, or subscriber lists by appending guaranteed deliverable individual email addresses and verifying existing phone numbers. The ILS Phone Number Verification service not only checks the area code and state against the zip code, but also verifies that the submitted name, phone number and address are related.