Phone Verification

Phone verification compares the phone numbers in your file to our source database complied from over 2,600 telecommunication companies. The program verifies the name, address, and phone number in your file belong together.

Output files vary from the original file by the addition of two fields: a code field and a phone number field. Every submitted record will receive one of the five codes listed below. The code explains the comparison of the existing number to the information available or not available in the ILS source database.

There is a premium charge for information added to the file while charging a lower rate to verify existing information. The cost per input record is $0.0095 and $0.05 per append.

Turnaround time is one business day. Files may be sent through the ILS Secure FTP Site (registration required), as an email attachment, or mailed a compact disk.

Acceptable File Formats: Comma Separated Value (.csv);  Tab Delimited (.txt); Microsoft Excel (.xls)

Ready to Send a File?
Scroll up on this page for the “Send a file” link on the right hand side. If you have a question before sending a file, call us at (240) 243-4457 ext 116. We require payment via the Intuit Payment Network before the output file is released.