Network Appliance

Data Append Files Inside Your Network
The ILS Appliance is custom built to your network’s specifications and leased on an annual basis. The lease price is determined by usage volume and requested software customization. Software consultation and customization is billed on an hourly rate. We see you through every step of the installation of the appliance. Technical support is available via chat, email, or phone after installation.

The Appliance delivers the same accuracy of files processed by ILS with the ILS Data Matching software inside your corporate network.  The Appliance gives you complete control of when files are processed along with security control between file transfers. All appliances are rack mounted server cases.

The on-premise Appliance gives your company access third-party source database from United States national data compilers to enhance your files without leaving your network. This is important for companies working with data that may be their customer’s data or is data from healthcare providers, health insurance companies, or from government agencies that contains Protected Health Information (PHI).

How do you use the Appliance?
Each Appliance comes with a customized software interface for inputting files. Clients can choose to have the Appliance run files automatically or manually. The manual mode allows you to choose different matching levels for each file. In the automatic mode, the Appliance is configured to run only files of a specific file format and with the same matching criteria whenever a file is loaded into queue.

Can the Appliance be customized to find matches within our internal databases?
Short Answer: Yes. Long Answer: The Appliance must given access to the appropriate databases. The device will then continuously compare records in each of the databases to create and maintain a Match database. Records in the Match database will identify the records in each of the internal databases that have similar or identical name and address information to records in one or more of the other internal databases.

Proven Accuracy
For over 15 years ILS has worked to create accurate matches between target & source files based on name & address. Our software gives companies a powerful and cost-effective alternative to homegrown or outsourced solutions.

On-site or Web Conference Training Available
We provide on-site configuration support while integrating the Appliance onto your network. We provide face-to-face or online training to personnel who will be interacting with the ILS Data Matching software.