Phone Append

USA Individuals & Businesses
Look up one hundred, twenty thousand, or 2 million records in a single pass. This service is not for looking up individual phone numbers. The ILS phone append service is powered by the ILS proprietary data matching software. Appending success varies on address quality and data aging, but can be as high as 85% for residential files. Our customers tell us our accuracy rate is around 80%.

Our accuracy rate is higher when a match can be made on a physical addresses rather than a PO Box. However, our accuracy rate for matches on rural PO Box addresses is almost as high as those numbers matched to physical addresses in more urban areas.

Canadian Individuals & Businesses
Canadian records are processed separately from United States records due to the different data sets. Prices begin at nine cents per phone number and the turnaround time is three business days. Output files can be delivered within one business day for a premium price.

The summary report graphically displays the match type summary, address accuracy percentage, regional distribution across Canada, and percentage of residential vs business records within your file.

All files submitted for Canadian phone appending must be paid with a credit card or PayPal before the output file is returned.

How can I get the best match rate possible?
Customers decide which level of matching fits their needs. While the name only match has a low confidence rate, it can suit a call centers need for the maximum amount of phone numbers appended.

Available Levels of Matching:

  • High Confidence: Exact Match on Name & Address: Low Match Rate
  • Very Confident: ILS Basic Match using Name & Address
  • Confident: Variation on name or address between target & source data
  • Best Guess: Variation with name and address: High Match Rate
  • Low Confidence: Match on Name Only

Files containing less than 8,000 records are charged a flat fee of $175. Files containing more than 8,000 records are priced per hit. Phone numbers begin at $0.05 with bulk discounts available after 50,000 appended phone numbers.

Ready to Send a File?
Scroll up on this page for the “Send a file” link on the right hand side. If you have a question before sending a file, call us at (240) 243-4457 ext 116. We require payment via the Intuit Payment Network before the output file is released.