Intelligent Lookup Services Satisfaction Guarantee

Your Data, Our Promise

At Intelligent Lookup Services, we promise that each file will be processed or generated with the specifications you dictate. If for any reason your file was not generated with the specifications we received in writing via email or over the phone with one of our sales representatives, we will reprocess your file at no extra charge until it meets your satisfaction. Please note that this guarantee only applies to how files are processed or how mailing lists are generated, not the final match rate or number of records available.

If there is a question of data integrity, please submit the information you found to be incorrect, the reason as to why it was incorrect, how you to determined it to be incorrect (including day and time), and procedure you used to come to that decision. We will review each complaint and issue a refund if we find your claims to be true.

We know your time is valuable. Intelligent Lookup Services strives to answer all inquires in a timely manner and provide data and services that meet your expectations. Every customer important to us and whether you interact with us annually, monthly, or daily. We welcome your concerns, praises, and questions regarding our company.