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Many publicly available data sets created & maintained by local, state or federal governments are missing a full name and phone number.

ILS is using the Residential Permit data set from Montgomery County Maryland’s data feed and Baltimore City to provide an Excel file of targeted names, addresses, and phone numbers for use by home service industries such as solar panel installers, architects, plumbers, home remodelers, landscapers, and kitchen designers.

The Montgomery County Department of Permitting Services (DPS) requires homeowners to apply for a permit with a plan of their project if the value of the project exceeds $5,000.  residential building permits issued since 2000, including status and work performed, and is updated daily. Baltimore City’s Permit Activity data sets lists permits for residential work exceeding $50,000.

ILS filters this data set for currently issued permits, cleans up the addresses, added name & phone numbers, and neighborhood information from the U.S. Census Bureau.

This enhanced county-wide list is available for purchase for $75 and delivered via email in Excel format. Most delivered lists contain around 2,000 records. Payment must be received via the Intuit Payment Network before the list is delivered.
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